The Pro Tour – Prescision Frame Osaka Padel Racket


The Pro Tour – Precision Frame padel racket is designed for players looking for a perfect balance between power and control.We have created a unique lay-up of multidirectional carbon fibre sheets to create the optimal balance between stiffness and ball control.Thanks to the precision frame shape it has a wider sweet spot, offering superior precision in a wider range of strikes.

Specs:•Twin-Tube Carbon Frame

– A 100% carbon frame which determines the base stiffness and shape of the racket.

•High Density EVA foam 30kg/m3 – EVA is the top-end industry standard for the best padel rackets on the market.

•Face Material – 100% Carbon lay-up

•3D surface – A completely ribbed surface offers extra spin in all game situations.


•Frame: Round shape precision frame

•Frame material: 100% Japanese carbon

•Core material: High Density EVA foam 30kg/m3

•Weight:: 360-380g

•Thickness: 38mm

•Player level: Advanced – Pro players

•Recommendation: High precision racket, for defensive player

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